Konttorityö Ltd in brief

Founded in 1938, Konttorityö Ltd has exceptionally strong experience in supplying dictation and speech recognition systems for healthcare industry.

We have been in business since the 1960’s and worked with speech recognition for more than fifteen years. Our principals Philips and Nuance’s dictation and speech recognition products are worldwide known market leaders. Their expertise ensures competitiveness, product development, and continual support well into the future.

The amount of recorded data in health care and social welfare is vast. Our priority is to provide tools and methods to promote the availability of different information systems. The most natural and easiest substitute to the mouse and keyboard is each person’s own voice.

Speech recognition and voice control systems are related to bring complex information systems experience to a whole new level. However, technology alone is not enough. Achieving a straightforward functionality requires a carefully planned implementation and post-implementation. With an eclectic network of partners, we can provide dictation and speech recognition functions, that are integrated seamlessly in the most advanced health record systems. Only in this way it is possible to achieve a world-class user experience.